Frequently asked questions is an agriculture investment platform that focuses on providing investment opportunities for the Nigeria middle-class while empowering rural farmers across the country by investing in viable food crop cultivation.'s business model is made up of three parties (The sponsor, the farmer and Farmnow Nigeria - us). We offer digital platform where we connect sponsors (who provide the capital to fund the cultivation of a crop) to farmers (who provide the farm land and man power to cultivate the crops).

At the end of crop cycle, profit is distributed among-st these 3 parties. In this business model, shared responsibility reduce losses, improve efficiency and effectiveness of operation.

We help the farmers by providing access to improved resources such as, improved seeds and feeds, fertilizers and pesticides, training on modern farming techniques, agronomy to achieve greater crop yield and all needed logistics. We also assist farmers by selling their produce at higher value and share the harvest profit with farmers and sponsors.

We help the sponsors by overseeing farming activities to ensure that their investment is efficiently expended during the farm cycle. We also provide insurance cover for each sponsor's investment to mitigate against any unforeseen disaster.

Joining is very simple.

  • Click on the "register" button at the top of our website to register.
  • Fill in your details to create your account.
  • Go to the "farms" page to choose a farm you wish to sponsor.
  • Select the number of farm units you want to sponsor and click on "sponsor farm"
  • Click your shopping cart at the top of the website to review your order
  • Click checkout
  • Supply your details including your bank account details
  • Pay for your order
You will receive confirmation email which acknowledge the receipt of your sponsorship, the location of the farm you have sponsored, farm cycle tenure and end date of your farm cycle.
On regular basis, you will receive updates which keep you abreast of all activities on your farm from beginning to the end of the farm cycle.

Yes. Every farm unit sponsorship is insured. Our insurance partner is Leadway Assurance PLC. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, you will get full refund of your capital. Note that the insurance covers your initial investment not after harvest profit.

No. There is no deductible on insurance. You will receive full refund of your initial investment.

The minimum farm you can sponsor is one (1) unit of any farm. And you can sponsor as many as farm you choose but this is subject to availability .

Yes. General farm visit are organized on periodic basis. To cater for the transit of sponsors during a specific farm visitation tour, intending sponsors will have to put in their request beforehand (usually 3 weeks before the scheduled visitation).

Each of our farms has fixed farm cycle period. This is determined by taking into congisance the maturity/gestation period for the crops/livestock on each farm. As it is virtually impossible to interrupt the growth life cycle of crop or livestock before maturity. Therefore, we will not be able to terminate the contract. However, at the end of farm cycle, sponsor shall receive initial investment and return after harvest, the decision to re-sponsor another farm or otherwise, is entirely sponsor's decision.

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