About Farmnow

Who we are

Farmnow.ng is an agric cooperative platform poised to connect teeming working class investors to rural farmers. We formulate collaborative farming solutions that give good returns to investors and empowers farmers for increased and more profitable farm production.

Farmnow is made up of young business executives and agric professionals with a shared passion of creating a sustainable agricultural food production ecosystem. Farmnow brings together the various disjointed units of the food production system in Nigeria to create a more efficient system that consolidate our food security whilst providing optimal returns on investment for all stakeholders.

How it works

We work to fill the gaps that exist in agricultural production in Nigeria.
We bring together many players that are needed to create a cohesive,
profitable and sustainable food production system.

1. Selection

We partner with farming communities to have access to a large number of farms in rural areas. Using data from our field operatives we select the most viable farms for sponsorship.

2. Budgeting

We draw up a budget to cultivate certain crops based on the current farming season. The total cost to cultivate each crop is offered as farm units to be "sponsored" by intending investors

3. Funding

Money raised from sponsors is used to provide cultivation capital and insurance cover for the farms. We provide seeds, machinery, fertilizers, irrigation and any logistics needed.

4. Returns

Through our network of domestic farm produce buyers, harvests are swiftly sold. Farmers are paid what is due in their contracts and investors are paid back their capital and agreed returns

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